How do I filter by an enum class in kotlin? (just learning) In the code below the enum class defined earlier in the file is PayStatus{PAID,UNPAID}.

fun nextRentDate(): LocalDate? {
            return rentPaymentSchedule.
                    filter { it.value.paymentStatus is PayStatus.UNPAID}.
                    minBy { it.value.date.toEpochDay() }?.value?.date

I get the error: Kotlin:

Incompatible types: PayStatus.UNPAID and Enum


You must use the == operator when checking for enum values !

  • You could alternatively use === though it's essentially the same thing when it comes to enums
    – Mark
    Jan 19 '19 at 2:02

The is keyword should be used for type comparison, as described here. Using the operator for comparisons isn't possible as the compiler complains:

'is' over enum entry is not allowed, use comparison instead

Comparison in Kotlin comes in two flavors: == and ===

The first option, == is compiled down to equals(), whereas the latter, ===, is equivalent to Java's == (comparing references).

As we know, this doesn't really make a difference with enums, as you can read in this answer.

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