Is it possible to put data in different columns in the database table but using the same variable used? For example, for column1 is # of hours worked for day1, while column2 is # of hours worked for day2, etc. Here's my database screenshot

  • Don't do this. Instead, add a column for DateTime which stores the dates, then a single column for # of hours worked on that day. Or, a start and end date. This is going against normalization and would grow beyond a table's maximum number of columns (eventually). I didn't DV you BTW.
    – scsimon
    Aug 16 '17 at 19:28

Try to normalize the database instead of having all the columns in one table. You can have one table for all the user information (idnum, first_name,last_name,address) and another table for storing the working hours (idnum, date, timein, timeout). Use time columns as DateTime.


Normalize your tables by separating concerns. In your case create three tables namely; users, address, and hours. Specify Primary Keys (PK) in each tables. Use a Foreign Key in your users table to relate to two child tables; address and time_card. Primary keys are idnum, addr_id, and time_id. The last two ids are also foreign keys in the users table. Example table schema and data shown below. Hope this helps.


idnum | first_name | last_name | age | addr_id | time_id

123 | james | cord | 32 | 22 | 856


addr_id | street1 | street2 | city | state | zip

856 | 6830 Woodley Av | Apt 26 | Van Nuys | CA | 91405


time_id | time_in | time_out | date | day_of_week

22 | 8:00 AM | 5:00 PM | 08/16/2017 | 3

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