After I get the accounts and people array from my resolve, how do I access people and accounts in the component controller? I have also tried the define acctTally in the main ctl and and bind it to the component with no luck.

I can bind people and account just find to the component and access it in the component template, but it I want to do work on either array in the component controller is where I'm having the issue. What key concept am I missing????

main controller

  .controller('AcctCtrl', function($scope, accounts, people){
    $scope.accounts = accounts;
    $scope.people = people;

Main template

<acct-list people="people" accounts="accounts"></acct-list>


function aCtrl(){
        var ctrl = this;
        ctrl.acctTally = [];
         ctrl.uniqueAcct = [];

         //Array of all accounts

angular.module('hellosolarsystem').component('acctList', {
  bindings: { accounts: '<',
              people: '<'
  controller: aCtrl,

  templateUrl: 'javascripts/app/components/accounts/acctsList/index.html'

Component Template

<table class = "table">
            <th>Number of Accounts Assigned Users</th>
          <tr ng-repeat = "acct in $ctrl.acctTally">
              <button class = "btn btn-info" ng-click = "editUser($index)">Edit</button>
              <button class = "btn btn-danger" ng-click = "deleteUser($index)">Delete</button>

Binding for component doesn't available when you controller function gets instantiated since AngularJS 1.6 release. Check breaking changes here. Bindings will be available when $onInit hook gets called unlike Angular 2+. Even you could enforce the older behaviour of prepopulate bindings when controller gets instantiated by doing

.config(function($compileProvider) {

But doing above is highly discourage by Angular team.

Per 1.6.0 breaking changes you have to move your code to $onInit hook solve your issue.

ctrl.$onInit = function() {
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    Thanks so much, I had tried using $onInit but forgot to attach ctrl to it! Aug 16 '17 at 22:32

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