How can i update the values by using the user id.The controller,layout and route are at the below cases as follows:


public function profileedit() {

    $id = \Auth::user()->id; 
    $user_id = \Auth::user()->user_id;

    $teacheredit = DB::table('teachers')
    //->join('campaign_type', 'campaign.campaign_id', '=', 'campaign_type.id')
    //->select('campaign.*', 'campaign_type.*','campaign.id as campaignid','campaign.status as campaign_status')
    ->select('teachers.*', 'teachers.id as teacher_id')
     ->where('teachers.id', '=', $user_id)

    return view('layouts.teacher.profile', array('teacheredit' => $teacheredit));

public function profileupdate($ids, Request $request) {
    $profile = Teachers::find($ids);
    $id = \Auth::user()->id;
    $user_id = \Auth::user()->user_id;

    $subscriber_id = \Auth::user()->subscriber_id;
    $inputteacher = $request->all();

        $profileeditdata = array( 
            'teacherFirstName' => $inputteacher['teacher_firstname'],
            'teacherLastName' => $inputteacher['teacher_lastname'], 

    // \Session::flash('success', 'Data Insert Successfully!');
    return Redirect('/teacher/profile');

In this case edit is working but updation is not working please provide me a help.


<div id="createStudent" type="view" class="demo-section k-header">   
  {!! Form::open(array('url' => 'profileupdate/'.$teacheredit[0]->teacher_id,'class'=>'horizontal-form'))!!}

<form id="createTeacherForm" method="post" action="../teacherregistration" >

<ul id="fieldlist" >
            <label style="color:Green;font-size:15px">Profile</label>
            <table id="lessonPlanTable">
                     <td><label> UserType  </label> </td>
                     <td><label> <?= $teacheredit[0]->teacher_firstname ?>  </label></td>
                  <td><label> First Name  </label> </td>
                  <td><input type="text" id="teacher_firstname" name="teacher_firstname" value="<?php echo $teacheredit[0]->teacher_firstname ?>" class="k-textbox"/></td>
                  <td><label> Last Name </label> </td>
                  <td><input  type="text" id="teacher_lastname" name="teacher_lastname" value="<?php echo $teacheredit[0]->teacher_lastname ?>" class="k-textbox"/></td>

                  <td><label> Email </label> </td>
                  <td><input type="email" id="teacherEmail" name="teacherEmail" value="<?php echo $teacheredit[0]->teacher_email ?>" class="k-textbox"/ readonly></td>
            <button id="updateTeacherProfile" class="k-button k-primary" type="submit">Update</button>&nbsp;&nbsp;
            <button id="resetTeacherPassword" class="k-button k-primary" type="button" style="width:20%">Reset Password</button>




Route::get('/teacher/profile', 'Teacher\TeacherController@profileedit'); 
Route::post('profileupdate/{id}', 'Teacher\TeacherController@profileUpdate');

edit is perfectly working without any errors but in updation i make to check the answer using dd() it return the correct answer but after hiding dd() the result will not be updated..

  • 1
    working and not working does not provide any clues to help you, check out if there any errors in your update function, try to debug it
    – hassan
    Aug 17 '17 at 7:18
  • Do you get exception? what are the errors? Aug 17 '17 at 7:20
  • He said there is no error, just it is not getting updated after execute. Would you show us the Teachers model?
    – aaron0207
    Aug 17 '17 at 7:20
  • It doesnt return any errors it will redirect to the same page without any changes
    – Nishanth
    Aug 17 '17 at 7:21

Try to update record with below code:

$profile = Teachers::find($ids);
$profile->teacherFirstName = $inputteacher['teacher_firstname'];
$profile->teacherLastName = $inputteacher['teacher_lastname'];

Note: Removed the fill() because your next method profileedit() already having select for the same records.


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