I have grouped addresses. I take one and create a request to google API but I don't execute this request I push to an array for next Promise.all this requests. I guess "googleMapsClient.directions" don't return promise. How to collect and execute all requests with Promise.all?

        origin: origin,
        destination: destination,
        waypoints: waypoints,
        optimize: true,
        mode: 'driving'
// return: 
// [ { cancel: [Function], finally: [Function] },
// { cancel: [Function], finally: [Function] } ]

Promise.all(urlsPromises).then(results => {
    results.forEach((route, index1) => {
        const tripIndex = index1;
        console.log('- RESULT');
        // - RESULT
        //   [ { cancel: [Function], finally: [Function] },
        //   { cancel: [Function], finally: [Function] } ]

You can directly create a Promise object by doing something like this:

const myPromise = new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
  // do what you need here
  if(something) {
  } else {

You could even wrap a request and resolve/reject after its completion handling the results before.


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