I have a python function that get a pandas dataframe and perform on it a condiotion by the function "query" of DataFrame.

So simple conditions like =, != and all that it's ok.

But I want it to perform a conditions with "like". Is that possible?

Also, I want to check if some column is bigger than "now"...

How could I do that ?

  • It depends how you want to use like. The answer will change accordingly. – cs95 Aug 17 '17 at 11:26


In [166]: now = pd.datetime.today()

In [167]: df
        date              s
0 2017-01-18  sample string
1 2017-12-01      blah-blah
2 2017-08-17          a key

In [168]: df.query("s.str.contains('key')", engine='python')
        date      s
2 2017-08-17  a key

In [169]: df.query("s.str.contains('key') or date > @now", engine='python')
        date          s
1 2017-12-01  blah-blah
2 2017-08-17      a key
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  • Great ! Thank you ! – user2671057 Aug 18 '17 at 9:35

I think LIKE functionality is not implemented to query native way, need contains, match and similar functions.

For compare with today:

now = pd.datetime.today()

df.query("col > @now")
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