When I try and run webpack in my React application I get enter image description here

I get this error 58 times for different variables. I tried removing the @types directory and I get the following error: enter image description here

How can this be fixed without adding @types/react back into the project, since that was causing the 58 errors before?

I also tried changing all the 'SVGProps' to a different name 'SVGPropss' inside @types/react/index.d.ts and had no luck


One possibility is that you have other dependencies which either depend on an older version of @types/react or yarn/npm has decided they should be using an older version.

For example: @types/react-dom depends on @types/react. When I encountered this problem, I had just manually changed the version number for @types/react and rerun yarn install. Yarn happily installed the new version of @types/react to my node_modules/@types/ directory, but it also installed the version I was using to all the other modules which depended on @types/react. So I ended up with a directory tree like

+-- @types
|   +-- react // 16.0.2
|   +-- react-dom
|   |   |   +-- node_modules
|   |   |   +-- @types
|   |   |   |   +-- react // 15.0.35

You can quickly scan your ./node_modules/@types/ directories and see if they themselves have a sub-directory of node_modules/@types/react. If so, this is likely where you duplicate resides.

The way I fixed this was to run

> yarn outdated
> yarn upgrade

outdated | upgrade


> npm outdated
> npm upgrade

outdated | upgrade

If you do not actually wish to upgrade all of the modules output by outdated you can give only the modules you want to update as arguments to upgrade. I suspect you could simply run

yarn upgrade @types/react

and fix the problem completely but I haven't tested that.


You can see all versions of react/react-dom and @types/react/@types/react-dom that are installed using yarn list --pattern "react".

For me, it looked like:

yarn list v1.3.2 ├─ @jupyterlab/apputils@0.15.5 │ ├─ @types/react@16.0.41 │ ├─ react-dom@16.0.0 │ └─ react@16.0.0 ├─ @jupyterlab/cells@0.15.4 │ └─ react@16.0.0 ├─ @types/react-dom@16.0.3 │ └─ @types/react@16.3.5 ├─ @types/react@16.0.34 ├─ mdi-react@2.1.19 ├─ react-chart-editor@0.11.1 ├─ react-color@2.14.0 ├─ react-colorscales@0.4.3 ├─ react-dom@16.2.0 ├─ react-input-autosize@2.2.1 ├─ react-plotly.js@1.7.0 ├─ react-rangeslider@2.2.0 ├─ react-select@1.2.1 ├─ react-tabs@2.2.1 ├─ react@16.2.0 └─ reactcss@1.2.3

You can use yarn's resolutions feature to resolve specific dependencies to the same version. Add the following to your package.json:

"resolutions": { "@types/react": "16.0.34", "@types/react-dom": "16.0.3", "react": "~16.2.0", "react-dom": "~16.2.0" }

This resolved the "Subsequent variable declarations must have the same type " error for me.


How can this be fixed without adding @types/react back into the project, since that was causing the 58 errors before?

Instead of deleteing @types/react delete the other definitions of react which are causing the conflict.


Mostly likely the duplicate file will be called react.d.ts or react/index.d.ts 🌹

  • Unfortunately, removing the react/index.d.ts resulted in the first error disappearing and the second error remaining
    – Hiding
    Aug 17 '17 at 14:09

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