The question is clear from the title.

Is there an SDK for the Java Micro Edition available for Mac OS X or Linux? Or does one need Windows XP to develop JME applications?

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No, with a 'but'

There is no WTK (Wireless Toolkit) from the main vendors available for Mac (NetBeans Wiki reference) so basically you can't debug nor test the code. But, you can use an emulator from a third co: MPowerPlayer

If you are using netbeans in any other OS but windows, you still can download and add the J2ME packages using the tools/plugins menu. Then you can add the MPowerPlayer to the IDE as a J2ME platform. Netbeans (and i guess any other IDE with J2ME WTK support) will recognize it as a valid WTK,

I've posted an specific entry about this in my blog, but it's in spanish, although maybe you can follow the images. Give it a try, and don't hesitate to ask anything: J2ME in Mac Os with NetBeans


Offically Sun's WTK is available only on Linux and Windows, however both SDKs can be used on Mac to compile J2ME applications. Unfortunately the emulator and the preverifier will not work (since they are not Java based) so you will not be able to test your application.

To solve this problem you can use MicroEmulator or MPowerPlayer for both emulation and preverification (you can also use PhoneME for preverification).

This is a good guide to setup you development environment using Eclipse and this one is good for Netbeans.

But, if I can give an advice (I'm working since two years on J2ME development and I'm a Mac user), it is better if you develop on Windows or Linux through a virtual machine, because the two emulators do not have a very good compliance to the JSR's standard and do not include all of them. Moreover on OSX it will be very difficult for you to test features like Bluetooth or LocationAPIs.


Netbeans has a JME SDK


May be this is helpful, I've found a Java ME Developer Studio for Mac OS X, developed by Motorola, I haven't tested yet, it's only and EA Release, I'll try this one, and I'll let u know in a subsequent post,




Oddly enough ... I just set this up 5 minutes ago on Linux.

You will need:


http://java.sun.com/products/sjwtoolkit/download.html <-- WTK

The WTK installer will ask where your JDK is. Do

find . -name "jar" -type f

and then where you have


Knock of the 'jar' and give that path to the installer. This will install ktoolbar which includes a phone emulator.

The download netbeans and install the mobile addons

This is not pure J2ME, but includes most of the API

I am using it to develop an application for my SE-C902


Yes, the official SDK for OSX can be downloaded here: https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javame/downloads/sdk30-mac-jsp-137878.html. Microemulator, http://www.microemu.org, also works well, and I've heard people use MPowerPlayer with success.

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