I am trying to override the template file for the environment panel in the CakePHP 3.0 DebugKit. The file is located at


According to the docs, placing my own file at


should automagically display my template instead of the plugin's, however, my file is being ignored. I've tried leaving out the cakephp directory, and using camel case for the vendor/plugin names. What am I doing wrong?

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After two more hours of experimentation I found the correct path:


To clarify the confusion I had: the debug kit is not considered a composer/vendor-type plugin mentioned in the docs I linked in the question, so it doesn't need the ../cakephp/.. intermediate directory.

Additionally, the directory needed to be CamelCased instead of copied verbatim from the vendor directories.

ALSO: in apparent conflict with the Element docs, you CAN override a plugin element without setting the ['plugin' => false] option.

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