I have a 200 page docx file that I need to parse. But the data I need is contained within the first 20 or so pages. Does Apache POI have a way to retrieve just part of the document? It seems like the only way to get the data out of a docx file with Apache POI is using getParagraphs or getText(), and I don't really want an enormous String or List of paragraphs when I only need the first few pages. Any suggestions?


Since a *.docx is simply a ZIP archive we also could opening it as FileSystem gotten from FileSystems and then process its content totally independent from third party libraries.

This is a very basic example using StAX.

import java.io.*;
import java.nio.file.*;

import javax.xml.stream.*;
import javax.xml.stream.events.*;

import javax.xml.namespace.QName;

public class UnZipAndReadOOXMLFileSystem {

 public static void main (String args[]) throws Exception {

  Path source = Paths.get("source.docx");

  FileSystem fs = FileSystems.newFileSystem(source, null);

  Path document = fs.getPath("/word/document.xml");

  XMLEventReader reader = XMLInputFactory.newInstance().createXMLEventReader(Files.newInputStream(document));

  StringBuffer content = new StringBuffer();

  String contentSearched = "the content we are searching for";

  boolean inParagraph = false;
  String paragraphText = "";
  while(reader.hasNext()) {
   XMLEvent event = (XMLEvent)reader.next();
    StartElement startElement = (StartElement)event;
    QName startElementName = startElement.getName();  
    if(startElementName.getLocalPart().equalsIgnoreCase("p")) { //start element of paragraph
     inParagraph = true;
     paragraphText = "";
   } else if (event.isCharacters() && inParagraph) { //characters in elements of this paragraph
    String characters = event.asCharacters().getData();
    paragraphText += characters; // can be splitted into different run elements
   } else if (event.isEndElement() && inParagraph) {
    EndElement endElement = (EndElement)event;
    QName endElementName = endElement.getName();  
    if(endElementName.getLocalPart().equalsIgnoreCase("p")) { //end element of paragraph
     inParagraph = false;
     //here you can check the paragraphText and exit the while if you found what you are searching for
     if (paragraphText.contains(contentSearched)) break;




Not possible with POI.

If you want to read in a buffered mode, what you can do is convert your docx file to xml, and then read it line by line, extracting the text you need. (pretty low level)

docx files are zipped xml, you can open them with WinRar and inspect.

Doing this for a 200 pages file does not seem worth it unless you have very little memory.

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