I have datatable in _layout that works fine all other tables except this particular one I have in a partial view perhaps because of the way the data is loaded.


    $('.dataTableList').DataTable({ responsive: true, "autoWidth": false });


    <div class="inventory" [email protected]("Inventory")>...</div>

Load div table:

    $('.inventory').each(function (index, item) {
        var url = $(item).data("url");
        if (url && url.length > 0) {


    public ActionResult Inventory()
        return PartialView("Inventory", inventoryService.Get());

Partial Inventory view

    <table class="table table-striped dataTableList">
        <thead><tr><th></th></tr></thead> <tbody>...</tbody></table>

How do I get datatable initialization from _layout to work on this table? I see that if i initialize datatable only in partial view and not in layout, it works fine. But then I would have to initialize it on all my other partial views individually. There has to be a better way. Would appreciate your help.

  • You might get more help if you add tags for the framework you're using as well. Aug 17, 2017 at 21:18

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after loading your partial view html, try to call something like $('#partialViewDataTable').DataTable().ajax.reload();

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