Web browsers make many trees when navigating web pages including DOM, CSSOM, Render, Layout trees. (Does Layout tree exists? Or does the Layout tree just a concept which amounts to being the concept of a rendering tree with a layout property?)

I'm inspecting the Chromium source code, and I’m trying to find the data structure of each tree, and how/when/where they are made.

I found the DOM tree in WebKit, which is a tree-like structure. Following the source code, and see some references like:

What I found is the following:

  • HTMLDocumentParser works through the function HTMLDocumentParser::PumpTokenizer()
  • In that function, it calls HTMLDocumentParser::ConstructTreeFromHTMLToken() and constructs the DOM tree using HTMLTreeBuilder
  • When finishing parsing (when the parser sees the </html> end tag), the function Document::FinishedParsing() is executed, and the DOMContentLoaded event is fired.

I think the CSSOM, Render, and Layout tree will be made during/after FinishedParsing but I can't find.

I think some important functions are the following: (I found they log important things in a trace file using the TRACE_EVENT function)

  • Document::FinishedParsing()
    • Document::UpdateStyleAndLayoutTree()
      • Document::UpdateActiveStyle(): Makes CSSStyleSheet and GlobalRuleset
      • Document::UpdateStyle(): Setting the Style and Attach to Layout Tree

I can't find the exact data structure of the trees. I’m looking for the following structures & functions:

  • Data Structures
    • CSSStyleSheet
    • StyleSheetCollection
    • CSSGlobalRuleSet
    • LayoutObject
  • Functions
    • Element::RecalcStyle
    • Element::RebuildLayoutTree

Where can I find the data on those tree structures, and what sequence should I follow?

=== Addition === 2017.08.18 16:46 KOREA

I'm analysis the code in $CHROME/src/third_party/WebKit/Source/core/dom/Document.cpp$Document::FinishedParsing() and Document::UpdateStyleAndLayoutTree().

What I thinking of is following:

  • CSSOM is made in Document::UpdateActiveStyle()
  • Render Tree is made in Document::UpdateStyle()
  • Layout Tree is made in Document::NotifyLayoutTreeOfSubtreeChanges() (I think Layout Tree is a concept tree, and it shared same structure with Render Tree)
  • If you have found the answer the please share them. I am also looking for these questions.
    – Al-Alamin
    Jan 7 '19 at 12:36

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