This is my Makefile.

MYPATH = /dir 1/file 1.txt

    echo $(notdir $(MYPATH))

    echo $(notdir "$(MYPATH)")

    echo TODO

My intention is to get just the file 1.txt portion of the path from /dir 1/file 1.txt. Yes, this is a path with spaces in it.

I am unable to get the desired results.

$ make test1
echo dir file 1.txt
dir file 1.txt

In the above output, it appears that notdir was provided three separate arguments: /dir, 1/file and 1.txt and as a result their notdir parts were returned: dir, file and 1.txt.

The following does not work at all.

$ make test2
echo dir file 1.txt"
/bin/sh: 1: Syntax error: Unterminated quoted string
Makefile:7: recipe for target 'test2' failed
make: *** [test2] Error 2

Why does it complain about "Unterminated quoted string"?

What is the right way to solve the problem. I want an output like the following.

$ make test3
echo file 1.txt
file 1.txt

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