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What Are Some Good .NET Profilers?

Can You suggest any software which can check my application while executing and show which methods take what time ?

thanks for help, I need to solve performance issue and Im looking for bottlenecks


You're looking for a performance profiler. Check out Eqatec (free) or ANTS (not free). Both are solid. There are others, too; just Google performance profilers.


there are plenty of profilers listed here:

Any decent C# profilers out there?


Also check out dotTrace.


Actually for starting out with performance analysis, VS 2010 doesn't do too bad of a job. Just select Debug | Start Performance Analysis and you can select what you are interested in, certainly it will show you the "hot spots" in your applications / in which functions the most time is spent in. The picture just shows a quick sample I took.

alt text

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