I'm developing a node server that when ever data added to the firebase database the node js will pass that data to a webhook so that the webhook will do some crud operations based on that data.

I wrote this in my script

var db = admin.database();
var ref = db.ref("/events");

ref.on("child_changed", function(snapshot) {
}, function (errorObject) {
  console.log("The read failed: " + errorObject.code);

when ever i enter the data into the firebase I'm getting the whole node. But i need only the property that I've changed. Here is my firebase db structure

  "parent": {
       "child" : {
                   "name" :"test",
                         "area":"Time Square"
if I change the value of area Time Square to Brooklyn, I want to get only the node 


but I'm getting whole object like this

"parent" : {

is there any way to get only the updated value.

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The Firebase SDK fires the child_changed event for each child that has changed. The snapshot for the event contains the entire child node. There is no information included in there about what specific properties of the child have changed.

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