Let's say I have a class A defined like this:

class A {

    Activity c;

    public A(Activity c) {
        this.c = c;
        // do something

    public void dosomething() { }


And I have an Activity defined like this:

public class MyActivity extends AppCompatActivity {

    @Inject A myObject;

    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

How can I provide the current activity to my object?


You have to make the activity available to the component responsible for constructing myObject. One way to do that is to create an ActivityScope:

public @interface ActivityScope {

Within this scope, you create a component with an inject() method for injecting the Activity's fields.

Note that you can add a dependency on a wider-scoped component if you want that component's object graph available in your MyActivityComponent. Here, I made it depend on a class named ApplicationComponent.

        dependencies = {ApplicationComponent.class}, 
        modules = { MyActivityModule.class}
public interface MyActivityComponent {

    void inject(MyActivity myActivity);


The component has a module that provides the MyActivity instance.

public class MyActivityModule {

    private final MyActivity myActivity;

    public MyActivityModule(MyActivity myActivity) {
        this.myActivity = myActivity;

    MyActivity provideActivity() {
        return myActivity;


In your activity's onCreate(), you can now give this to the module, which makes it available within the ActivityScope.

//Inside your activity's onCreate:
        .myActivityModule(new MyActivityModule(this))

In response to your question, you need to annotate the constructor in A with @Inject. This will give Dagger a way to create an instance of it. If that's not possible, you could add a provider method in the module, but it's a bit more work:

//Don't do this if you can annotate the constructor with @Inject.
A provideA(MyActivity myActivity) {
    return new A(myActivity);
  • I've tried this solution but i got more errors : Error:(22, 10) error: me.ha.colorselector.MainActivity cannot be provided without an @ Inject constructor or from an @ Provides-annotated method. This type supports members injection but cannot be implicitly provided.
    – Oussaki
    Aug 19 '17 at 19:02
  • @Oussaki Ah, I overlooked that. I edited my answer for you. Aug 19 '17 at 19:36

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