I've been working on an Ionic app for 3 months. I've had no problems building this app and deploying it to mobile in the past. Yesterday when I tried to deploy to mobile I hit an NPM dependency issue. So I wiped the node_modules folder and did npm install.

Since then I haven't been able to build my app for mobile or browser testing due to Typscript throwing Error: Failed to transpile program.

There is a very long chain of other errors but they all focus around @types/pouchdb-core. The typescript error I'm seeing the most is Cannot find namespace 'Core'.

In the browser the chain ends with Supplied parameters do not match any signature of call target. at a line of my own code. However that code was working yesterday and I haven't changed it since. I've only reinstalled the packages.

I found nothing when I googled the problem. I tried setting the package versions to a known good configuration and still got the errors. So this is probably something I'm doing wrong but I have no idea what. As I mentioned I had it working just yesterday. Things only went wrong when I updated the packages. As far as I know that's all I did. I didn't even touch the packages file.

All my packages are currently at the latest, and for @types/pouchdb-core that's 6.1.5.

Here is a gist of the errors from the command line logs during ionic serve:


  • i had similler issue using pouchDB with angular4 web application , but my issue was mainly because i was using the old angular-cli that was finding some issues in the new pouchdb library , but when i updated angular-cli to its latest version things worked fine for me, try updating ionic cli – Ali Aug 20 '17 at 10:01
  • I read about that solution when I googled. Ironically, it was actually updating Ionic CLI that caused it. – leetheguy Aug 20 '17 at 17:17

It turned out that it wasn't anything I did wrong after all.

An update to the Ionic CLI caused a lot of changes to the package requirements. I think that every time they update the CLI something breaks actually. But it's usually not this bad.

The solution was to create a new app and copy over my src directory. Then I ran ionic serve and added all the packages it said were missing one at a time. I did it that way to guarantee only the minimal package.json setup necessary. Then I replaced the original app's package.json with the one from the new app. There were a couple more minor hiccups but it worked great.

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