I am using Angular 4 and I have this div on my html template:

<div [class.myCssClass]="mouseOvered" (mouseout)="mouseOvered=false" (mouseover)="mouseOvered=true">Hover me</div>

This works great but I would like to do this same thing from the .ts component file instead.

How can I do this from the .ts component file?

  • What do you mean by "from the .ts component"? – Ploppy Aug 20 '17 at 10:18
  • yes, from app.component.ts – max2020 Aug 20 '17 at 10:22

According to me, The best way would be to use a HostListener.

For a component to listen on itself on the mouse events you can use:

  selector: 'my-component'
  template: '<div [class.myCssClass]="mouseover"'
class MyComponent {


    onMouseOver() {
        this.mouseover = true;

    onMouseOut() {
        this.mouseover = false;


Use [ngClass].

<div [ngClass]="{  overedClass:  mouseOvered === true }" 
        (mouseover)="onMouseOver()">Hover me</div>

... and in your .ts:

// contains name of any class that you want to apply
private overedClass: string = 'myCssClass';
private mouseOvered: boolean;

onMouseOver() {
    this.mouseOvered  = true;

onMouseOut() {
    this.mouseOvered  = false;

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