I am trying to integrate Nagios with SimpleSAMLPHP for SingleSignOn company wide. I have installed simplesaml and Nagios on apache.

Looking out for configuration settings wherein I can specify SAML settings for Nagios.

Has anyone worked on it?

  • Hi @Naina were you able to solve this? Jul 14, 2018 at 11:53

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I don't think it's possible to do this without setting the Apache REMOTE_USER variable. The Nagios server is rendered by php and cgi scripts. The php scripts have a user variable attached to the Apache server's REMOTE_USER, and this can be removed to substitute for any other php variable. BUT, most of the functionality and restrictions are being processed in the cgi scripts.

Based on this issue on the Nagios Core GitHub repo, it doesn't look like they are planning on offering any other methods of passing information to the cgi scripts. Nagios X doesn't appear to offer any options either based on this forum post

For authentication in Nagios Core these may be the best options:

  1. Continue using Htaccess Authentication
  2. Wrap the entire application within another to protect it (but you lose per-user privileges)
  3. Manually change the Apache REMOTE_USER variable when someone logs in (maybe a security risk if at all possible)
  4. Migrate to Icinga, which does offer more authentication options

At my place of employment, we will likely be using #3 or #4 based on what's possible and more secure.

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