In my coding, I see the class navbar-fixed-top in Bootstrap v3.3.7. Why the z-index = 1030?

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  • what is question and what do you want? why do you not need z-index =1030? please check anout z-index you will get your answer. – Brijal Savaliya Aug 21 '17 at 6:12

The purpose of using z-index is for move the content in z-axis. Since you are using the navbar-fixed-top class, the header will always stick to the top of the page. But scrolling the page down will hide the header. In order to scroll the page content below header, z-index is used.

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Bootstrap is a framework with MANY components that need to work together:

  • the modal should be over a component like a navbar, with the modal overlay in-between obviously
  • a tooltip should also display above any navbar, etc

These values are defined in less/variables.less.

//-- Z-index master list
// Warning: Avoid customizing these values. They're used for a bird's eye view
// of components dependent on the z-axis and are designed to all work together.
// Note: These variables are not generated into the Customizer.

@zindex-navbar:            1000;
@zindex-dropdown:          1000;
@zindex-popover:           1060;
@zindex-tooltip:           1070;
@zindex-navbar-fixed:      1030;
@zindex-modal-background:  1040;
@zindex-modal:             1050;

Current v4 has them defined (in now default v4-beta branch on GitHub) in scss/_variables.scss

Trying to define them with magic values is a recipe for disaster, even in projects 10x smaller than a framework like BS: 2 months later a wild page appears with a case never seen before like a tooltip displaying above a submenu, etc. Having a convention applied by every person modifying the CSS is a must have (that includes "you lone developer" and "you lone developer in 2 months" ^^)

General note about Bootstrap: a LOT of things can be modified with this file alone, if you've the skills to recompile CSS with that Gulp workflow.

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