When I export a table to excel using ag-grid's own exportDataAsExcel() the resulting excel contains dates as General data type instead of Date.

[excel pic]

I have used this:

   processCellCallback: ({col, val}) => {( /*date value formatting here*/ )}

to format both Date, string with proper date formatting (DD/MM/YYYY) but I can't make excel properly recognize these cells as Date instead of General

This is reproducible with the excel export examples on their website: https://www.ag-grid.com/javascript-grid-excel/?framework=all#gsc.tab=0


I've used this code to apply value formatter in excell as well:

  processCellCallback: (params) => {
    const colDef = params.column.getColDef()
    // try to reuse valueFormatter from the colDef
    if (colDef.valueFormatter) {
      const valueFormatterParams: ValueFormatterParams = {
        data: params.node.data,
        node: params.node!,
        colDef: params.column.getColDef()
      return colDef.valueFormatter(valueFormatterParams);
    return params.value;

You need to do three things:

  1. When instantiating the Ag-Grid, you need to add

    var excelStyles = [
            id: "ExcelDateTime",
            dataType: "dateTime",
            numberFormat: { format: "yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss;;;" }
            id: "ExcelDate",
            dataType: "dateTime",
            numberFormat: { format: "yyyy-mm-dd;;;" }
        ... //such as   rowData={rowData}
  2. For columns that are dates:

    colDef.cellClass = "ExcelDateTime";


    colDef.cellClass = "ExcelDate";

    as appropriate, and

  3. in your processCellCallback, format the date as an ISO date: "yyyy-mm-ddTHH:MM:ss"


Assuming that you are in control of the server-side application, I have found it easier to do the export from the server-side for any non-trivial exports / formatting.

By doing it on the server, you are in complete control of the data and the production of the Excel file, and not dependent on the limits of Ag-Grid's implementation.

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