I am making an asp.net Web API I want to Upload the image to the blob and insert entity to the table in a single API call like with single URI I should be able to do both POST-operation but I am not able to do that. I tried Assigning single "RoutePrefix" for the whole namespace. Is there any solution?

First POST API call controller for blob insertion

    public class BlobsController : ApiController
        private readonly IBlobService _service = new BlobService();
        public async Task<IHttpActionResult> PostBlobUpload()
                if (!Request.Content.IsMimeMultipartContent("form-data"))
                    return StatusCode(HttpStatusCode.UnsupportedMediaType);

                var result = await _service.UploadBlobs(Request.Content);
                if (result != null && result.Count > 0)
                    return Ok(result);

                return BadRequest();
            catch (Exception ex)
                return InternalServerError(ex);

Second POST API call controller for table insertion

 public class PlayerController : ApiController
        private static string _connectionString = "";
        // POST api/Player
        public string Post(string sKey, string sRow, string passID, string 
        jobUniqueID, string playerID, string charID, string frontFileLoad, 
        string sideFileLoad, int priority)
            string sResponse = "";
            // Create our player

            // Create the entity with a partition key for sport and a row
            // Row should be unique within that partition

            PlayerEntity _record = new PlayerEntity(sKey, sRow);

            _record.PassID = passID;
            _record.JobUniqueID = jobUniqueID;
            _record.PlayerID = playerID;
            _record.CharID = charID;
            _record.Priotiy = priority;
            _record.FrontFileLoad = frontFileLoad;
            _record.SideFileLoad = sideFileLoad;

            //Create a storage account object.
            CloudStorageAccount storageAccount = 

            // Create the table client.
            CloudTableClient tableClient = 

            // Retrieve a reference to the table.
            CloudTable table = tableClient.GetTableReference("player");

            // Create the TableOperation object that inserts the customer 
            TableOperation insertOperation = TableOperation.Insert(_record);

                // Execute the insert operation.

                sResponse = "OK";
            catch (Exception ex)
                sResponse = "Failed: " + ex.ToString();
            return sResponse;

Second Question My second question is- I want to use the generated filename for the uploaded blobs to go to the entity of tableStorage as "FrontFileLoad" and "SideFileLoad" and I want to upload two blobs at the same time and send the file name to the table storage. how to do that?

This is the code where am saving my filename and sending it as a result

The model I am using for blob and table

Thanks in advance

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