I'm trying to knit a PDF document of a table with images, but I'm getting a LaTeX error and a pandoc error 43:

! LaTeX Error: Command \C unavailable in encoding T1.

The versions I'm working with:

  • RStudio 1.0.143
  • MiKTeX 2.96400
  • Rmarkdown 1.6
  • Knitr 1.17

LaTeX engine is pdflatex. Code:

title: "Title"
author: "Author"
output: pdf_document

```{r, echo=FALSE}
compound.data <- read.xls("CompoundInformation.xlsx")
compound.data$Structure2D <- sprintf("![](Images/%s.png)", compound.data$CID)

Is there perhaps some special character in my R code I should be escaping?

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    I get similar error ! LaTeX Error: Command \U unavailable in encoding T1. Did you find a solution? – MSD Sep 4 at 14:49

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