I am new to EntityFramework core.

I have a DBContext class which has all the DBSet objects. I would like to serialize all the objects to the MongoDB database. Is it possible to write a DBSet object to mongodb without converting them to a List object.

using System;
using Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore;
using Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Metadata;

namespace Zeiss.IMT.MCCNeo.DataMigration.Utilities
    public partial class mccdbContext : DbContext
        public virtual DbSet<AliveInfo> AliveInfo { get; set; }

        protected override void OnConfiguring(DbContextOptionsBuilder optionsBuilder)


        protected override void OnModelCreating(ModelBuilder modelBuilder)
            modelBuilder.Entity<AliveInfo>(entity =>

                entity.HasIndex(e => new { e.KmgId, e.System })

                entity.Property(e => e.Id)

                entity.Property(e => e.BdeEnabled).HasColumnName("BDE_ENABLED");

                entity.Property(e => e.FirstMsg).HasColumnName("FIRST_MSG");

                entity.Property(e => e.KmgId)

                entity.Property(e => e.LastMsg).HasColumnName("LAST_MSG");

                entity.Property(e => e.MessproEnabled).HasColumnName("MESSPRO_ENABLED");

                entity.Property(e => e.ObdEnabled).HasColumnName("OBD_ENABLED");

                entity.Property(e => e.System)

currently i am using this approach. I would like to do a bulk insert into mongodb all the records from the table ALIVE INFO.

class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            using (var mccdbContext = new mccdbContext())
                var aliveInfoList = mccdbContext.AliveInfo.ToList();

                //converted list is written to mongodb.


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DbSet inherits IEnumerable<TEntity> (https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg696460(v=vs.113).aspx). InsertMany in mongo c# driver accepts IEnumerable<TEntity>

so maybe you could write something like:

aliveInfoCollection.InsertMany(mccdbContext.AliveInfo as IEnumerable<AliveInfo>)

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