I want to see source code of the file mentioned in process.binding() statement in nodeJS source code, have seen similar question on stackoverflow but most of them answers to specific cases like fs etc.

I want explanation based on which I should be able to find any file mentioned in process.bindings().

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Since this question is lying here for very long I decided to give it another try to find the answer and found one very nice presentation online.

Process.bindings presentation

To summaries this, process.bindings() binds the javascript object with the C++ object which exposes the C++ functions to be executed from javascript, essentially it creates a javascript wrapper around the C++ functions to make it available from NodeJS.

To find which C++ function is bound to which javascript function you can dig into NodeJS source tree here NodeJs source tree . Names are straightforward to map with core module names and look for signature env->SetMethod(target, "<modulename>", <C++ function name>);

Example: env->SetMethod(target, "stat", Stat);


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