I'm currently researching on Redis to retrieve data via UNIX sockets.

I've updated the redis.conf file to reflect this, by defining the path to redis.sock (in my case it is /tmp/redis.sock).

Using Spring Data Redis (via JedisConnectionFactory), I can see that it has methods for connecting to Redis via TCP (i.e. defining hostname and port). However, I don't see there being any methods used for connecting via UNIX sockets (unless I've overlooked something).

Does anyone know how I can connect to Redis using UNIX sockets via Spring Data Redis?

Any help/advice is appreciated.


Java cannot create or access Unix Domain Sockets without using a 3rd party (native) library.

That's correct in general. Jedis has (as of writing this answer) no Unix Domain Socket support. Lettuce and Redisson use netty for I/O which has support for native transports (epoll and kqueue). A native transport is required to use Unix Domain Sockets which depends on the underlying operating system.

Lettuce is integrated into Spring Data Redis but there's no native transport option yet.


  • I filed a ticket to support unix domain socket connections. – mp911de Aug 22 '17 at 12:54

Java cannot create or access Unix Domain Sockets without using a 3rd party (native) library.

And the spring-data-redis use the Jedis or Jredis or others as engine. Jedis does not support this method to connect. I think others do not support it also. Because the unix socket can only be used in local machine.

You can check this client library to make sure this.


You can use a workaround with socat. This is what I did for my DockerSwarmDiscoveryClient which required access to the /var/run/docker.sock but I only had the Spring WebClient which only supports TCP connections.

In a Docker context you can set up

    image: alpine/socat
    command: tcp-listen:2375,fork,reuseaddr unix-connect:/var/run/docker.sock
      - /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock:ro

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