I have a power bi report which i am embedding on my web application.

Is there is anyway that is can embed directly a drill down view of the report?

in short i want to open the report in drill down mode on.How can i do this programmatically.

I am using dot net mvc for my web application.


Yes, that is possible (assuming that you want to apply a "default" filter in your report). When you embed the report, you can add a list of filters to your embedConfig (documentation):

var embedConfig = {
  filters: [...]

A single filter, in the list of filters, can look like the following (documentation):

const myFilter = {
            $schema: "http://powerbi.com/product/schema#basic",
            target: {
                table: "Table1",
                column: "Column1"
            operator: "In",
            values: ["A"]

In which case you specify the filters in embedConfig according to

filters: [myFilter]

However, note that this is not a secure way to prevent users from seeing data, a user can easily, using javascript, remove the filter and gain access to all the data.

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