I was wondering whether SVN actually compresses the binary content on the server during Commits? I know that the binary store the diffgrams for comparison and versioning but wondered whether a new file commited would occupy the same volume on the server as it does on the client pc?


I believe so.

From here: http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/subversion/trunk/INSTALL

  * libz  (REQUIRED for client and server)
     Subversion uses zlib for compressing binary differences.
     These diff streams are used everywhere -- over the network,
     in the repository, and in the client's working copy.

Yes, Subversion compresses new files, as well as changes. (The server doesn't care if the file is text or binary.)

Note, however: if the file you are adding is already compressed (e.g. a zip archive, an mp3 file, a JPEG, a GIF) subversion won't be able to make it any smaller.

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