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I am sending email similar to this: Laravel 5: Sending Email. This is how I do it:

$mail_status = Mail::send( 'emails.followup', $data, function( $message ) use ($data) {
             $message->to( $data['email'] )
            ->from( $data['email_from'], $data['email_name'] )
            ->subject( $data['subject'] );

if($mail_status) {
    $ret_status = 'sent';
    $ret_status = 'sent_failed';

Now, if the $ret_status is 'sent_failed', I want to know what happened. How do I do it? How can I see the message from the mail server?

Here is my .env file:



Looks like the approach above is Laravel 4. If you know how to get the error code using Laravel 5+, I can consider it as the correct answer.


You can use try catch for that, also you mistaken that use $email, $email_from, $email_name, $subject without passing into function scope.

    $mail_status = Mail::send( 'emails.followup', $data, function( $message ) use ($data, $email, $email_from, $email_name, $subject) {
                        $message->to( $email )
                        ->from( $email_from, $email_name )
                        ->subject( $subject );
    //If error from Mail::send
    if($mail_status->failures() > 0){
        //Fail for which email address...
        foreach(Mail::failures as $address) {
            print $address . ', ';
catch(\Exception $e){
    // Get error here
    print $e->getMessage();

Added failure printing for email address to check email fail for which address.

  • @user1506104: Check this answer, Hope you get the solution from this – AddWeb Solution Pvt Ltd Aug 22 '17 at 14:16
  • hello. this did not work. any other suggestion? @AddWeb – user1506104 Aug 23 '17 at 5:45
  • What does print $e->getMessage(); for you? – AddWeb Solution Pvt Ltd Aug 23 '17 at 5:56
  • There was no exception. $mail_status was 0 (false) though. It means, nothing was sent. Correct? – user1506104 Aug 23 '17 at 5:58
  • 1
    Added failure case now check – AddWeb Solution Pvt Ltd Aug 23 '17 at 6:21

Checking Mail::failures() immediately after Mail::send() will return an array of failed email addresses you tried to send an email to.

However, as far as I know you cannot get the exact error on failure using Mail facade. For that, you need to set the debug true on your .env and check on Laravel log.

  • the log did not give me anything either. thanks for your suggestion. +1 – user1506104 Aug 30 '17 at 12:03
  1. To get dev version of errors (on screen), set in your .env file APP_DEBUG=true
  2. To get the exact message, do do the try catch, but catch Swift_TransportException https://stackoverflow.com/a/42221501/2119863
  3. You may also, if needed, get the mailer instance via app('mailer') and do some research there.

here is a working example:

    $mail_status = Mail::send( 'emails.followup', $data, function( $message ) use ($data) {
        $message->to( $data['email'] )
        ->from( $data['email_from'], $data['email_name'] )
        ->subject( $data['subject'] );
}catch(\Swift_TransportException $e){
    dd($e, app('mailer'));

and the dd() result:

Swift_TransportException {#237 ▼
  #message: """
    Expected response code 250 but got code "530", with message "530 5.7.1 Authentication required\r\n
  #code: 530
  #file: ...

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