The records in my database are





I need to design a MongoDB query to find all records that have a given key.

For example, if I pass ln as a parameter to the query it shuold return all records in which lnis a key. The results would be




To find if a key/field exists in your document use the $exists operator.

Via the MongoDB shell ...

db.things.find( { ln : { $exists : true } } );
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    in PyMongo: connection['db']['collection'].find({"key":{'$exists': True}})
    – scharfmn
    Jun 27 '14 at 15:49

I had the same problem and

db.coll.find({"mykey":{'$exists': 1}})

worked for me

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    This does indeed work, but {'$exists': 'true'} will always be more obvious to other code readers than {'$exists': 1}. Thanks for pointing this out though! Dec 26 '19 at 20:18
db.collection.find({ ln: { $exists: true} });

The $size operator matches any array with the number of elements specified by the argument. For example:

db.collection.find({ ln: { $exists: true, $size: 0 } });

$size does not accept ranges of values. To select documents based on fields with different numbers of elements, create a counter field that you increment when you add elements to a field.

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