protected override void OnModelCreating(System.Data.Entity.DbModelBuilder modelBuilder)
                modelBuilder.Entity<IdentityUser>().ToTable("User", "dbo"); 
                modelBuilder.Entity<ApplicationUser>().ToTable("User", "dbo"); 

                modelBuilder.Entity<IdentityRole>().ToTable("Role", "dbo"); 
                modelBuilder.Entity<IdentityUserRole>().ToTable("UserRole", "dbo"); 
                modelBuilder.Entity<IdentityUserClaim>().ToTable("UserClaim", "dbo"); 
                modelBuilder.Entity<IdentityUserLogin>().ToTable("UserLogin", "dbo"); 

                modelBuilder.Entity<IdentityUserLogin>().HasKey<string>(l => l.UserId);
                modelBuilder.Entity<IdentityRole>().HasKey<string>(r => r.Id);
                modelBuilder.Entity<IdentityUserRole>().HasKey(r => new { r.RoleId, r.UserId });

                 modelBuilder.Entity<MyClass>().HasRequired<ApplicationUser>(s => s.applicationUser)
            .WithMany(t => t.MyClass)
            .HasForeignKey(t => t.userID);

                  modelBuilder.Entity<MyClass>().ToTable("MyClass", "MyApp");
//start of code added
                 modelBuilder.Entity<MyClass>().HasRequired<ApplicationUser>(s => s.applicationUser)
            .WithMany(t => t.myClass)
            .HasForeignKey(t => t.userID);
//end of code added

This method is contained in a class (ApplicationUser - part of ASP.NET Identity), which was relocated from the web application project to the Infrastructure project so that I can include MyClass (see last line of code) in the definition.

Is it a bad idea to relocate the ApplicationUser class to the Infrastructure layer just so that I can have all of the EF Code First table creation code in one place?

My question is similar to this one: IdentityUser in Data layer

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  • Do you really need/want to have MyClass in that method? – Mert Akcakaya Aug 22 '17 at 21:12
  • @Mert Akcakaya, please see the code between the following two comment: start of code added and end of code added. I am trying to add the identity UserID as a foreign key in MyClass. Does that make sense? – w0051977 Aug 22 '17 at 22:08
  • I thinks you had a good choice – Dan Nguyen Aug 23 '17 at 1:54

All I know about Architecture I prefer take the identity server as as service connected at application layer.

Why? Always think that if is a mandatory service in your application or maybe, tomorrow can be changed by another one.

If is mandatory, continiue moving it to your infraestructure, but if it can be changed, let it at application layer, create a service to work with it and try to avoid dependency in your code.

More work now, but less headache in a future .

I hope help you.

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