I cam across the below code at enter link description here and what it does is toggle the words in a visual selection from UPPER CASE, then to lower case, then to Title Case. I am trying to change this functionality into toggling the words from Title Case to lower case, then to UPPER CASE. The problem is I have no idea what ==# means here. Can someone please provide an answer as to what ==# is.

function! TwiddleCase(str)
  if a:str ==# toupper(a:str)
    let result = tolower(a:str)
  elseif a:str ==# tolower(a:str)
    let result = substitute(a:str,'\(\<\w\+\>\)', '\u\1', 'g')
    let result = toupper(a:str)
  return result
vnoremap ~ y:call setreg('', TwiddleCase(@"), getregtype(''))<CR>gv""Pgv
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    It's explained in :help ==#. – romainl Aug 23 '17 at 14:53

==# is the "always case-sensitive" comparison operator (plain == depends on :set ignorecase).

For more information, see Vimscript cheat sheet.

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    Adding to this, using :help <the thing I am curious about> has a very high success rate in Vim ;-) Typing :help ==# did not disappoint :-) – Martin Tournoij Aug 24 '17 at 9:28

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