Is there an easy way to map data from JSON to fields of my class by means of android APIs?


{ email: 'email', password: 'pass' }

My class:

class Credentials
    string email;
    string password;

Use the org.json-Package.

JSONObject x = new JSONObject(jsonString);
Credentials c = new Credentials();
c.email = x.getString("email");
c.password = x.getString("password");

Its also part of the android runtime, so you dont need any external package.

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    It is included indeed, but it does not exactly map data. It parses/writes JSON, and offers a simple node-based API. But it is Your code does doing mapping here. – StaxMan Jan 4 '11 at 0:47
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    I do it by making a constructor in the Credentials with the fields so I can do the same code in 2 lines instead. JSONObject x = new JSONObject(jsonString); Credentials c = new Credentials( x.getString("email"),x.getString("password")); – JPM Nov 11 '11 at 16:31
  • Use this => GSON. And this to create a POJO JSONSCHEMA2POJO. – Arthur Melo Jul 29 '18 at 8:01

Use Jackson. Much more convenient (and if performance matters, faster) than using bundled org.json classes and custom code:

Credentials c = new ObjectMapper().readValue(jsonString, Credentials.class);

(just note that fields of Credentials need to be 'public' to be discovered; or need to have setter methods)


You could use GSON.


I suppose you have more than one Credential u want to get...

with the org.json package you could use a JSONArray to get various values at the same time out of one JSON file.

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