I setup my app using create-react-native and I used expo's Video component in my app. How can I keep this video component and generate the apk file? Correct me if I'm wrong: to my understanding npm run eject prevents you from using expo components in the future. So how can I generate the apk file. It doesn't matter if it's signed or unsigned, atleast to me, I just want to email my friend the apk file so he can run it on his phone

Edit: This is not a duplicate of: How can I generate an apk that can run without server with react-native?

As that question asks how to generate an apk file for react-native, mine ask how this works with the specific create-react-native-app build where I am using an expo component


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  1. Install npm install -g exp

  2. edit app.json file in our project

    "expo": {
    "name":"my app",
    "description":"some description about our project",
    "sdkVersion": "27.0.0",
          "versionCode":1 , 
  3. give the command in our project directory exp build:android

  4. Just wait for few mins.It will give an url for our build project.We can download *.apk file from that link.

  1. Install expo cli globally npm install -g exp
  2. Run exp build:android or exp build:ios inside the project
  3. Choose some expo options
  4. Wait few minutes

A build link should be printed in the terminal. For the next steps see this thread: Created an app with create-react-native-app, how to publish it to the Google Play Store?


exp:build android exp:status to check the status of your apk

will generate a url for you to download the apk from


Android App Bundle(AAB): expo build:android -t app-bundle

Android Apk: expo build:android -t apk

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