Since of yesterday, the response of reverseGeocodeCoordinate is always english regardless of default language of iPhone.

GMSReverseGeocodeResponse should be localized string which depends on iPhone language setting.

[[GMSGeocoder geocoder] reverseGeocodeCoordinate:coord completionHandler:^(GMSReverseGeocodeResponse* response, NSError* error) {
    GMSAddress *address = [response firstResult];
    // address always english!! regardless of change of default language on iPhone settings

I have used this API more than 1 years and it worked great. We have many Japanese, Korean, Chinese users. and they complain that the address is English suddenly.


It was a problem with the Google APIs. It's been fixed, everything should be fine now if it was working before.

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It seems no official answer at this moment. And CLGeocoder seems to be the workaround at this moment...

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