I've looked everywhere but can't find any documentation on how create an "Install App" button like this on http://storetasker.com/ (not my site, don't recommend them, just an example)

Sorry for the short question, I usually refuse to post on here without what showing what I've already tried but I can't even find where to start since the magic that happens on the aboves /merchant-install

The app is unlisted; that is - shopify won't host it

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You can build the url from the instructions described on Shopify's authentication documentation.


Install link instructions from Shopify documentation

One I made for myself looks like this:


Please refer to API Access Scopes for a list of possible scopes.


They are using shopify's oauth to allow a public application, if you look at the url here which is my demo store for testing stuff that I am working on:


In order for you to do the same I would recommend looking at this page here:


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