I have this one project for which VS Code is not showing any files or directories in the Explorer tree

enter image description here

The actual project files and directories at the root are these:

enter image description here

VS Code is working fine for other projects.

How can I fix this?

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Another solution: Go to Settings and check "Files: Exclude" in both "User Settings" and "Workspace Settings". Delete the files/folders needed to appear.

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    I am a newbie. This answer really helped to unhide my build folder where my python's sphinx doc is built into.
    – panc
    Aug 16, 2021 at 5:50

Try removing the folders inside ~/Library/Application Support/Code/ (except the User/ folder because that contains your keybindings and settings configurations) and then restart Code.


I had that same problem today (Version: 1.61.0) and fixed it by:

  1. Opening ("Open...") another project on which folders WERE shown.
  2. Opening the original project right after by selecting ("Open..."), but NOT "Open Recent".
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    cool, worked for me Feb 17, 2022 at 11:57

This happened to me a while ago and it took me over a month to realize what was happening. In my case, for some reason I added the glob pattern "**/*" for the property Files: Exclude. Basically, I told vscode to exlude all the files in the project, just remove the pattern and you should be fineenter image description here. I hope someone finds this useful.


The easiest way it worked for me was to drag the folders from Windows Explorer into VS Code. That restored the entire directory tree for me.


I was stuck on this for a while but I figured out it was a permissions error. Run ls in the terminal to see if you have the same error as me, if you do it should tell you permission denied.

The fix is very easy:

sudo bash
chmod 775 .

In vscode press CRTL + SHIFT + E it will make explorer visible, then right click on explorer -> Keep "Explorer".


I was facing the same problem. I reinstalled the vscode and it worked for me.


Restarting VS Code was enough for me to get it working.


create a folder using terminal with command "mkdir folder-name" then go to "file" in menu and then to "open folder" then select the folder u used while creating mkdir. This woked for me.


go to the directory you want then press right click and press open with then select vs code

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