Once i send the HttpClient request through the PostAsJsonAsync i get the response as Request Entity too large. but i can directly call to webapi and send the request and returns a successfull response. but through the PostAsJsonAsync it returns the 413 error code.

This is my code

    var client = new HttpClient { BaseAddress = new Uri(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings.Get("API_HOST")) };
    const string api = "CmSaveChange" + "/" + "SaveChange";
    var response = client.PostAsJsonAsync(api, entity).Result;
    var retunValue = response.Content.ReadAsAsync<HybridDictionary>().Result;

The problem has to be solved on the server-side (self hosting HttpSelfHostServer or IIS).
The buffers have to be set to a higher value.
If the host run's under IIS: Configure IIS

If the server is running as HttpSelfHostServer:
You have to set higher values (as needed) to the config parameters.
Example for vb.net

Dim cSelhostConfiguration As String = cIPADressePort
' Note: cIPADressePort contains the IP address and port on which the host is listen
Dim config As New HttpSelfHostConfiguration(cSelhostConfiguration)
'Set here the needed size (in bytes)
config.MaxBufferSize = 250000000
config.MaxReceivedMessageSize = 250000000
defaults:=New With {.id = RouteParameter.Optional}
Using server As New HttpSelfHostServer(config)
Console.WriteLine("WebService started... ")
Console.WriteLine("Waiting for work...")
  Catch aggEx As AggregateException
Console.WriteLine("Error loading Server")
  End Try
Console.WriteLine("Press enter to close the server")
End Using

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