My web host disabled proc_open function in php and I can't send emails anymore.

I get this error log:

> proc_open() has been disabled for security reasons

I use laravel default Swiftmailer. What can I do?

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  • which operating system do you use?? – lewis4u Aug 24 '17 at 6:52
  • What mail driver to you use, what is your mail configuration? – Don't Panic Aug 24 '17 at 7:43
  • MAIL_DRIVER=sendmail MAIL_HOST=localhost MAIL_PORT=25 – robcaa Aug 25 '17 at 7:29
  • MAIL_DRIVER=smtp MAIL_HOST=localhost MAIL_PORT=25 MAIL_ENCRYPTION=null – Ryan Worth Nov 26 '19 at 6:56

proc_open should only be required when Swiftmailer is using an external executable, like sendmail. You should still be able to use a different transport like SMTP, Mailgun, or one of the other drivers described in the docs.

As a test, try using the SMTP driver, and just entering your own SMTP mail details - whatever you use to send mail from your mail client. Try the following in your .env:

MAIL_HOST=your.smtp.host // (copy from your mail client)
MAIL_PORT=your.smtp.port // (copy from your mail client)
MAIL_USERNAME=your.smtp.username // (copy from your mail client)
MAIL_PASSWORD=your.smtp.password // (copy from your mail client)

This is probably not suitable for a permanent solution but will let you test that you can send mail without proc_open. I use the free tier of Mailgun and can recommend it.

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  • I'm still getting proc_open error even with smtp any ideas? here is my .env details: MAIL_DRIVER=smtp MAIL_HOST=smtp.gmail.com MAIL_PORT=465 MAIL_FROM_ADDRESS=myemail@gmail.com MAIL_FROM_NAME=myemail@gmail.com MAIL_USERNAME=myusername MAIL_PASSWORD='mypasswordwithspecialcharacters' MAIL_ENCRYPTION=ssl – Shamseer Ahammed Apr 26 at 18:10
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    @ShamseerAhammed As my answer says, you will only get that error when an external executable is being used. So, if your .env says smtp and that is not being used, where would you look? config/mail.php of course! Check the driver specified in .env is really in use, eg 'driver' => env('MAIL_DRIVER'). – Don't Panic Apr 26 at 23:36

Check and changes are your php.ini has this line.

disable_functions = exec,system,dl,passthru,chown,shell_exec,popen,proc_open

Check this a list of functions disabled by safe mode here.

Once you found that, follow below instruction: Remove the proc_open from the disable_functions at php.ini file


Ask your hosting provider to remove the string above if you don't have an access/right to do that.

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  • I called phpinfo() and searched proc_open(). Here is the result: disable_functions: dl, system, passthru, kill, virtual, http_connect, connect, link, popen, ... , openlog, shell_exec, exec, proc_open – robcaa Aug 24 '17 at 7:10
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    I asked my host. I recieved this answer: This function is not enabled, we will not turn it back on for security reasons. – robcaa Aug 24 '17 at 7:19
  • So can I use swiiftmailer without proc_open? – robcaa Aug 24 '17 at 7:20
  • @robcaa: Sorry, I haven't any idea about that but you can ask your second question at swiftmailer – AddWeb Solution Pvt Ltd Aug 24 '17 at 7:37
  • Thanks for the help – robcaa Aug 24 '17 at 7:56

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