I have two very similar iPhone application projects open side by side, and in the Project Info Build tab of one, I have a bunch of GCC 4.2 option sections (in between Versioning and Interface Builder XIB Compiler - Options) in one of the projects but not the other.

I have checked all of the settings that I can find to make sure that they match up and that the correct Base SDK is selected, but I cannot figure out why this would not be showing in one project and not the other.

Anyone have any suggestions on what to check for?

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Diff the pbxproj files in a text editor. Can't remember what the mistake was exactly but it happened to me once and I was able to fix the project file by diffing with a known-good version.

  • Your idea to diff the pbxproj files led me to see some key differences in the XCBuildConfiguration sections of the file with regards to the CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY setting, so I went into the Build tab, switched the Code Signing Identity and the Any iOS entry below it to a different profile, and switched them back to iPhone Developer, and the GCC options magically appeared. Thanks.
    – BP.
    Jan 3, 2011 at 21:58

This is not quite right. It is not due to CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY. GCC 4.2 options appears after adding sources to "Groups & Files"->Target->"YourTargetName"->Compile Sources. The rule is simple: If "Target" has no sources yet, there is no GCC 4.2 options.

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