I want to create a custom class object for an employee record in AutoHotkey. This class object would store an employee's age, name, and job title.

For example, in Java:

public class Employee {
    public int age;
    public String name;
    public String title;

    public Employee(int age, String name, String title) {
        this.age = age;
        this.name = name;
        this.title = title;

I would then be able to set properties for new employees.

Employee worker1 = new Employee(22, "Timothy", "Programmer");
Employee worker2 = new Employee(26, "Anthony", "Quality Assurance");

I haven't been able to find anything with equivalent functionality in AHK. From what I can tell, objects in AHK are fairly basic in functionality.

How do I create a class object with custom properties in AutoHotkey?


I don't use classes in AutoHotkey, but it should be like so:

Class Employee{
    __New(age, name, title)
        this.age := age
        this.name := name
        this.title := title

worker1 := new Employee(22, "Timothy", "Programmer")
worker2 := new Employee(26, "Anthony", "Quality Assurance")

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