I clicked watcher for many JIRA tickets, but I can't find a filter that shows me all the tickets I am watching. Can someone direct me to the right link or filter to look.

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Type in the Jira issues search (Issues > Search for issues): key in watchedIssues()

or go directly to the URL, like to your JIRA domain http://<your-jira-domain>/jira/issues/?jql=key%20in%20watchedIssues()

There is also a gadget you can add to your JIRA homepage (dashboard): Watched Issues

From the top right button "add gadget", then on the pop-pup search for "watched" and you will get it.

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If you open up a "New search". Then the filter below will show you, your watched tasks:

watcher = currentUser() AND resolution = Unresolved ORDER BY priority DESC, updated DESC

Hope it suits you :-)

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