I have a form that is centered according to the screen position that I resize by fontsize when loading. After resizing the location remains the same as it was before resizing so the form is no longer in the center, like I would like.

Let me draw you a sketch: enter image description here

I've tried calling

        this.StartPosition = System.Windows.Forms.FormStartPosition.CenterScreen;

again after resizing (this is, I believe, the part of the code that centers the form in the beginning). It didn't work. I've also found some similar issues like this: "Keeping winform control centered after window resize " but they always only deal with centring a control, not the form itself.


Add method for ResizeEnd event. In method, when ResizeEnd is fired, get current screen size (on multiple monitors, screen that contains current form) and then calculate form's position. Take a look at this example

private void Form1_ResizeEnd(object sender, EventArgs e)
    Screen myScreen = Screen.FromControl(this);
    Rectangle area = myScreen.WorkingArea;

    this.Top = (area.Height - this.Height) / 2;
    this.Left = (area.Width - this.Width) / 2;
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