I installed the Intel Threading Building Blocks. I am unable to set the environment variables for XCode (lib and include path).

To start with I want to write a simple parallel_for program, I am not able to add even the namespace tbb in my program.

Can anyone please help?

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Thats pretty straightforward: best way to install it:

brew install tbb

Requires Homebrew, which is highly recommended for any Mac user wanting to use various open source tools.

Adjust 3 project settings

After that do brew info tbb to see the installation directory, in my case


wich results in


for the respective project settings, Header Search Paths and Library Search Paths.

In Other Linker Flags enter -ltbb and there you are.

Test code example

I´ve verified this example with the aforementioned settings in Xcode 8.3

#include "tbb/parallel_for.h"
#include "tbb/task_scheduler_init.h"
#include <iostream>
#include <vector>

struct mytask {
    mytask(size_t n)
    void operator()() {
        for (int i=0;i<1000000;++i) {}  // Deliberately run slow
        std::cerr << "[" << _n << "]";
    size_t _n;

int main(int,char**) {

    //tbb::task_scheduler_init init;  // Automatic number of threads
    tbb::task_scheduler_init init(tbb::task_scheduler_init::default_num_threads());  // Explicit number of threads

    std::vector<mytask> tasks;
    for (int i=0;i<1000;++i)

                      [&tasks](const tbb::blocked_range<size_t>& r) {
                          for (size_t i=r.begin();i<r.end();++i) tasks[i]();

    std::cerr << std::endl;

    return 0;
  • Thank you. That was very straight forward and a simple solution. – Vibhor Aug 26 '17 at 5:09
  • Thank you very much, this should go in the tbb website – edap Sep 13 '17 at 7:45

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