Hi Can you advise please any solution? I have a SiteMapPath control and instead of default functionality like

Home > Accounts > User Account

where "User Account" refers to ~/UserAccount.aspx

I would like to overwrite the last node to show info about a current user, i.e.:

Home > Accounts > John White

and "John White" refers to ~/UserAccount.aspx?id=111 ?


Yeah, you have to inherit from the XmlSiteMapProvider and override its BuildSiteMap method. In here you can manipulate any nodes you want at runtime, which will then show up in your SiteMapPath control.

public class MySiteMapProvider : XmlSiteMapProvider

   public override SiteMapNode BuildSiteMap()
     var node = base.BuildSiteMap();
     var userAccountsNode = this.FindUserAccountsNode(node);

     userAccountsNode.ReadOnly = false;
     userAccountsNode.Title = ...;
     userAccountsNode.Url = ...;
     userAccountsNode.ReadOnly = true;

     return node;

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