In Html Agility Pack, when I set an attribute of an HtmlNode, should I see this in the HtmlDocument from which the node was selected?

Lets say that htmlDocument is an HtmlDocument. So the simplified code looks like this:

HtmlNode documentNode = htmlDocument.DocumentNode;
HtmlNodeCollection nodeCollection = documentNode.SelectNodes(someXPath);
foreach(var node in nodeCollection)

Now, I see the class attribte of node change, but I don't see this change reflected in the htmlDocument's html.


Actually it was a case of ProgrammerTooStupidException :(

I used a MyHtmlPage class, with an Html property and an DocumentProperty.

_html = theHtml;
_htmlDocument = new HtmlDocument();
_documentNode = HtmlDocument.DocumentNode;

Now, of coourse manipulation the DocumentNode had no effect on the _html value.

Posting this reply to clear the name of HAP.

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