I'm using a Python file with the following modeline at the end:

# vim: sts=4:ts=4:sw=4

If I start Vim with this file the modeline is ignored. How can I fix this? And BTW, I have nocompatible set in my .vimrc.

  • I had the same problem, modeline not working -- commenting out "set nocompatible" in ~/.vimrc fixed it. This option isn't even required if you have a .vimrc, setting it resets other options (see: vim help compatible). – mosh Sep 11 '17 at 7:22

Here is what you check...

Step 1

Make sure your settings are right. Do...

:verbose set modeline? modelines?

If you see either of these values returned, it's not going to work.


(By adding verbose before the set command, you will be told what file produced that setting. Thank you, drew010)

What you need to see is this (where that 4 is anything greater than 0)

        Last set from /usr/share/vim/vimrc
        Last set from ~/.vim/vimrc

Note from the comments: If you have either nomodeline or modelines=0, you are going to need to add set and the corresponding setting from the previous code block. (Thank you @pilat)

Step 2

Do you have a line with a vim: that is not touching any else within the last <modelines> lines of your document?

Seriously, that's all it takes.

These modelines all work...

# vim: cursorline

// vim: cursorline

; vim: cursorline

vim: cursorline

# anything here vim: cursorline

even without a valid comment vim: cursorline

literally anything as long a space separates> vim: cursorline

# vim: set cursorline: <-that colon is required if you use the word "set" and this comment after the colon does not affect it.

Notice that the only way to have a comment after the modeline is to use the word set. But if you use set, you must put a colon at the end of your settings even if you have no comment. Thank you, Amadan

Step 3

And this is an important one! Are you using the word set? (as described as the "second form" in the options doc) Take out the set or add a colon to the end.

None of these work...

# vim: set cursorline
       ^^^ issue: use of the word set without a trailing colon (:)

# vim:cursorline
      ^ issue: no space after the colon

#vim: cursorline
 ^ issue: no space before the word vim

Step 4

Have you been awake for more than 18 hours? Before you lose your mind, get some sleep. It'll still be broken tomorrow. You'll be more likely to notice the issue when you go through this list again then.

Update notes

This answer used to include this claim:

Are you using the word set? (as described as the "second form" in the options doc) Well, that doesn't work in version 8, and I don't know when it stopped working. Use the "first form".

I was wrong. It was pointed out by @Amadan and I have corrected Step 3.

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    I always forget step 4. Good reminder and a little humor goes a long way. – oligofren Feb 10 '17 at 14:54
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    Step 3 for me. space between # and vim. reading it after traced down problem myself tho. thanks – vigilancer Feb 18 '17 at 6:51
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    Everything here checked out for me, but on Mint 18/Ubuntu, there is a vim config file at /usr/share/vim/vim74/debian.vim that had set nomodeline in it which prevented them from working despite all other settings. To figure that out from within vim, run :verbose set modeline? and it will output something like modeline Last set from /usr/share/vim/vim74/debian.vim which is where I found and commented out the conflicting setting. Modelines worked fine after that. – drew010 Nov 1 '18 at 15:28
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    set works if one pays attention to the syntax of the two forms. # vim: set cursorline won't work, because the second (set) form requires a terminating colon. # vim: set cursorline: works. – Amadan Nov 20 '18 at 5:28
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    @Amadan I recognized the significance of that immediately and included it in my edit. stackoverflow.com/posts/41994024/… – Bruno Bronosky Nov 20 '18 at 22:43

I tracked the problem to a local plugin, called local_vimrc.vim. The fact that modeline does not work is a side-effect of the plugin.

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    How did you track the problem? Is there a way to find out what's stopping this? An error log or such? – artfulrobot Jun 27 '12 at 13:18
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    You can run vim -u NONE to start vim without loading the vimrc (no bundles or plugins). If the file loads properly, then you know it's either your vimrc or your bundles. you can re-add bundles one by one until the modeline breaks to track down which bundle caused the issue. – stonewareslord Nov 12 '14 at 23:48

I had a similar issue with my modeline not working. The answers in this thread helped me find my answer (which was adding set modeline to my ~/.vimrc)


Also one thing that helped me debug this was to type :set in vim. This will tell you the different values that are currently set.

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    Make sure you have both set modeline and set modelines=N. – Cuadue May 8 '14 at 16:55

If you are saving and loading views, for example with something like the following, your modeline will not be reevaluated when you reopen a file.

autocmd BufWinLeave *.* mkview
autocmd BufWinEnter *.* silent loadview
  • This was my problem. Is there any way to add a follwup autocmd that will trigger the modeline execution and override the view settings? – Myles Prather Oct 27 '20 at 14:34

The first step is always look in


and comment out the nomodeline line.

Kubuntu distributions consider it a security threat.
(EG: libcal allows you to run an arbitrary program)

This is only an issue if someone off system can run vim via a webpage. (don't trust user input.)

It is also possible to do a ddos attack using spell checker. (don't trust user input.)

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    Better to add set nomodeline in a personal vimrc than to open a potential security hole for the root user by editing system configs which maybe be wiped during an upgrade. – D. Ben Knoble May 9 '19 at 0:20

I have had such problem with my modeline and "noexpandtab":

# vim: noexpandtab ft=python

but if I write:

# vim: ft=python noexpandtab

it works again. (Thank you guys for knowledge about :verbose set ... !)

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