I want to match 1234 5678 or 12345678

Is this regular expression wrong?

if(!number.matches("^\\d{4}[, ]\\d{4}$")){
  throw new Exception(" number is not valid : "+number);

try a quantifier after the []

  • Perhaps a small explanation may help de-mistify this code. This answer states that the string should match a pattern where the first 4 characters are numbers, optionally followed by a whitespace character and a comma, then again followed by a sequence of 4 characters which should all be numbers and must be at the end of the input string. Was this not your intention? – Bnjmn Jan 4 '11 at 6:04

You are close, you need to specify that the space/comma is optional with a quantifier. ? is a good one because it means "zero or one". So your expression would be

^\d{4}[, ]?\d{4}$

Do you want to match the comma as well? [, ] matches a comma or a space char. The effect you're going for looks like ( |), except there are better ways to do it:

I think what you're looking for is:


Note that the \s can match any space char, including newlines. If you only want to match the space char ' ', then use the following:

/^\d{4}[ ]?\d{4}$/

there is modifcation required to match '12345678'

use this regular expression : "^\d{4}[, ]?\d{4}$"

Hope this helps


Try this without the comma.


Perhaps this is a good time to bring up the online Regex interactive tutorial. Great tool for playing around with Regex expressions without having to mess up your own code.

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