I'm using Visual Studio Code 1.15.1, as of this writing. When Code did the last update, it began auto-opening a release notes file for that version. But now, Every time that I open Visual studio, from task bar, opening an associated file, or anywhere else, that same release notes file keeps opening after the file I tried to open. Which means I have to close it to get to what I was wanting to work on. This is clearly extremely frustrating, as I can't even find where the release notes are kept as a file to move/rename them!

Searching on the web has been next to useless, as it just keeps showing links to websites about releases of Visual Studio code. I can't get the search engine to understand I want to talk about a file that contains release notes. Any ideas? Maybe I missed a setting, but I've been digging and I've yet to actually find something related in the editor settings.


Gear Button Click Manage (gear) icons on your bottom left side, choose Settings and then type release notes on the searchbar (Search settings). Uncheck the "Show Release Notes after an update"

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    Click into Settings to get to the searchbar now. – leerssej Mar 28 '19 at 18:11

In Windows (probably works on Mac too) I did this:

Press Ctrl + Shift + P

type command: Clear Editor History

Press Enter

stolen from here


Not sure if you're still having issues but I had the same problem with VS code 1.19.1 release notes.

I created a Github issue and they were able to resolve it by suggesting to delete the Local Cache folder.

Not sure what OS you're on but for macOS it was in /Users/<your user>/Library/Application Support/Code/Local Storage.

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