I am using the zeep python package so as to call a function through SOAP which accepts an argument of 'ArrayofInt' type.

Passing a 'normal' integer array doesn't work... the workaround is to run through the elements of the array with a for loop and send the elements one-by-one but this is not the cleanest code I have ever written:)

Any suggestions?

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This answer will sort you out.

Use the Zeep's client.get_type function to create an empty Zeep ArrayOfInt object and then loop your array through it.

client = Client(soap_url)
test_list = [1,2,3,4]
emptyArrayPlaceholder = client.get_type('ns0:ArrayOfInt')
options = emptyArrayPlaceholder()

for el in test_list:

If your method in SOAP service accept an array of integer as argument then you can try this way:

clientInt = Client(wsdl)
dict_int = {"ArrayOfInteger":{"integer":list_int}}

when you pass **dict_int as the argument, python3 will unpack the dictionary and pass the keyword in the dictionary as the function argument.


If you are unable to retrieve object from wsdl try this:

client = Client(soap_url)
test_list = [1,2,3,4]
client.service.ServiceName({"foo": {"int": test_list}})

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